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Principal's Message

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Mrs Rabia Shahul CV

Happy New Year to everyone.  I would like to warmly welcome everyone back to school and especially our Primary 1 pupils who have joined us this year.  It is certainly a new beginning for me as the Principal of Evergreen Primary School in 2017. 

The school has built a rich culture in aesthetics and is a school of choice in the neighbourhood.  I believe strongly in building the confidence and self-esteem of the pupils through the arts; language arts, performing arts and visual arts which will create platforms for them to express themselves creatively.   We will continue to provide a varied and enriching differentiated curriculum for the pupils in both the academic and non-academic areas to stretch them intellectually, aesthetically and physically.  Appropriate school-based strategies will be used in the classroom to engage the pupils actively so that they find joy and passion in their learning.  Questioning techniques and strategies to Making Thinking Visible will be introduced during lessons so that pupils will develop a mindset of Innovation. 

As the late Mr Lee Kwan Yew has said, “If you want to reach your goals and dreams, you cannot do it without discipline,” we will place premium importance in building the character and values of our pupils so that they are developed well in the social and moral domains.  Opportunities will be provided for every pupil to learn and exemplify the values taught so that our pupils will develop into cultured and gracious individuals.

To teach well, we will learn well. Hence, through staff collaboration and capacity building we will develop Subject mastery and competency in every staff so that we can teach effectively to realise student learning outcomes.

We need everyone’s contribution, engagement and support to realize our dreams for our pupils and for the school.  We seek parents support and partnership to help us in our journey so that we continue to be a school of choice that is relevant to times.

Let’s Make It Happen in 2017.

Mrs Rabia Shahul