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Academic Achievements

Name/Title of Competition Name of Award and Level of Attainment
9 th National Mathematical Olympiad

2 Bronze

2 Honorable Mention

Singapore Mathematical Olympiad

1 Silver

3 Bronzes
Singapore Primary Science Olympiad 

7 Certificate of Participation

Raffles Science Olympiad 5 Certificate of Participation
UNSW Mathematics

12 Distinctions
48 Credits

UNSW Science

5 Distinction (P4)
3 Distinction (P5)
6 Distinction (P6)

13 th Elementz Science Project

3 Certificate of Commendation

8 th YMCA Mandarin Speaking Awards

1 Silver
1 Bronze

7 th National Primary School Cooperative Chinese Essay Writing Competition

2 - 3 rd position

4 th Inter-School Tamil Story Telling Competition

2 Consolation Prizes

Tamil Story Telling Competition

1 – 1 st Prize

Malay Creative Writing

11 in Top 30

2nd position
16th position

Teater Pelajar Kreatif

2 Consolation Prize

CCA Achievements

CCA Name  Name/Title of Competition  Name of Award and Level of Attainment 
Netball      Netball National Competition 2014
Senior: 4th 
Junior: Top 8
Netball Netball Junior Girls North Zone      Champion
Netball Netball Senior Girls North Zone Champion
Sepak Takraw Sepak Takraw Junior Boys North Zone 1st Runner Up
Sepak Takraw Sepak Takraw Senior Boys North Zone     1st Runner Up
Chinese Orchestra SYF 2014 Certificate of Distinction
Angklung Kulintang SYF 2014 Certificate of Accomplishment
Chinese Dance SYF 2014 Certificate of Distinction
Malay Dance SYF 2014 Certificate of Distinction
Indian Dance  SYF 2014 Certicate of Accomplishment