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Vice Principal 2's CV

Mr Muhamed Nizam

Mr Muhamad Nizam was appointed the Vice-Principal of Evergreen Primary School on 15 December 2016. He has been in the education service for 16 years. Before taking on official appointments in his first school, he had taken on several portfolios, namely, in the areas of Physical Education, Aesthetics and Innovation. In the period of January 2010 to June 2012, he was appointed the Subject Head for Aesthetics in Nan Chiau Primary School. In July 2012, he was appointed the Head of Department for Information, Communication and Technology (ICT). 

As Nan Chiau Primary School is a FutureSchool, Mr Nizam was appointed as the North 4 Cluster Chairperson from June 2013 to December 2016, leading a group of ICT key personnel in their professional development. In his years as an educator, Mr Nizam has always been a strong advocate of curriculum innovation. In 2010, he clinched the Lenovo Innovation Award for infusing ICT in Physical Education with the English Language subject. During the Singapore Day 2012 event, which was then held in New York, USA, he also represented MOE with a team of educators from other schools – showcasing to Overseas Singaporeans and the local community the Singapore Education system; specifically on how leveraging on the affordance of iPods has improved lower primary pupils’ comprehension skills in English.

In short, Mr Nizam is a firm believer that our children must be future ready, equipped with 21st century skills, for example, critical thinking skills and technology skills, yet being grounded on strong moral values.