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Academic Achievements

Name/Title of Competition  Name of Award and Level of Attainment 
Singapore Mathematical Olympiad 1 Silver , 1 Bronze
National Mathematical Olympiad 1 Silver , 2 Bronze , 2 Honorable Mention
UNSW English
(University of New South Wales) 
3 Distinction(P4)
3 Distinction & 1 High Distinction(P5)
1 Distinction & 1 High Distinction(P6)
 UNSW Mathematics
(University of New South Wales)
2 Distinction(P4)
8 Distinction(P5)
4 Distinction(P6)
UNSW Science
(University of New South Wales)
5 Distinction(P4)
3 Distinction(P5)
2 Distinction(P6)
 15th Science Elementz Competition 'Electricity of the Future' - Gold
'Bake using Paper Box Oven' - Gold
'Which is the Most Absorbent' - Bronze
 National Chinese Creative Writing Competition 1 Certificate of Commendation  
22nd《文字飞扬  触动心灵》
Chinese Writing Competition
1 Higher Distinction  
 National Chinese Newsclip Competition 1 Bronze  
 NUSA Malay Essay Writing Competition  2 Gold , 2 Silver , 2 Bronze
 EDN Malay National Writing Competition 1st Prize , 2nd Prize
7 Gold , 5 Silver 
NYIDRA National Malay Storytelling Competition  3rd Prize
1 Consolation
 'Teroka Si Cilik' Malay Language Competition 3rd Prize 
 Teater Pelajar National Malay Storytelling & Skit Competition Best Ensemble
1st Runner Up
Best Non-Malay Actor 
 Pintar Kata (App Based Vocabulary
National Competition)
3rd Prize , 4th Prize
1 in Top 30 
 Tamil Character Portrayal Competition 3rd Prize 
 Tamil Essay Writing Competition Consolation 
National Maanavar Muzhakkam Competition  1st Runner Up 
 Tamil Oratory Competition 1st Prize 
 Thirukkural Tamil Storytelling Competition 1st Prize , Consolation 

CCA Achievements

CCA Name  Name/Title of Competition  Name of Award and Level of Attainment 
Indian Dance Singapore Youth Festival Certificate of Distinction
Malay Dance  Singapore Youth Festival  Certificate of Distinction 
Chinese Dance   Singapore Youth Festival  Certificate of Distinction
 Chinese Orchestra  Singapore Youth Festival Certificate of Distinction 
Angklung Kulintang  Singapore Youth Festival   Certificate of Distinction
Cub Scouts   Frank Cooper Sands Silver Award 
 Netball  North Zone Netball Championship (Senior Girls) Champion  
 Netball  North Zone Netball Championship (Junior Girls)   Champion  
 Netball National Primary School
Netball Championship  
1st Runner Up  
 Table TennisNorth Zone Table Tennis Championship 4th position 
 WeiqiNational Youth Weiqi Championship
(Individual Category) 
 2 Individual Prize
 Weiqi National Youth Weiqi Championship
(Group Category) 
3rd Prize
4th Prize