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English Language Department

Key Events and Activities

Language Fiesta

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The English Department, in collaboration with the Mother Tongue and National Education Departments, holds the Language and Cultural Fiesta in Term 3 each year.  An exciting week packed with fun-filled activities is planned for the pupils. Teachers from the different departments design and conduct interesting and engaging activities to cultivate love for the languages and cultures. Pupils are given the opportunity to learn about the cultures of the various races as well as applying their knowledge of grammar rules, reading skills and many other skills in the games planned for them.  Besides that, pupils are also actively involved in activities planned for them in the class as well as in the library.  Pupils are also treated to a video produced by our very own Evergreen Teachers on the selected theme for the year.  

Phonics Zoo Programme for Primary 1 and Primary 2 Pupils

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The Phonics Zoo Programme is specially selected to equip pupils with decoding and word recognition skills.  In this programme, pupils are taught each letter sounds through songs and engaging activities.  Through the lessons, pupils will be able to decode unfamiliar words and be better readers.

Learning through the Arts for Primary 1 and Primary 2 Pupils

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In the Learning Through the Arts programme, teachers use arts as a pedagogical tool in the teaching and learning of the English Language.  Teachers are trained and equipped with the skills to conduct Arts-based English lessons where pupils explored the beauty of the English language and at the same time, learning more about the English Language. 

Read and Respond Programme

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The objectives of this programme are to promote critical thinking and to cultivate the love for reading.  Critical thinking questions are posed to the pupils before the texts are given to them.  While reading, pupils are to evaluate their thinking based on the questions posed.  Teachers would then support and engage them in fruitful discussions in class. 

Library Programme

To cultivate and nurture the love for reading, the department ensures that time is allocated daily for reading.  Abundance of books with interesting titles is readily available in the class and school libraries.   The school library also organises interesting activities to promote reading.    

Enrichment Programmes for 2016

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Several enrichment programmes are planned for the different levels to further enhance and enrich their learning.

  • P1 : Bridging programme
  • P3 to P4: Making Connections with text to facilitate Critical and Creative Thinking