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Mother Tongue Department

Key Events and Activities

Language Fiesta

During Language Fiesta, a range of activities were organised over a period of two weeks to kindle pupils’ interest in learning and using their Mother Tongue Languages beyond the classroom setting. These activities also served to expose pupils to the Mother Tongue-related cultures. 

For Chinese Language, pupils participated in an array of activities such as talent show, calligraphy competition and essay writing competition. 

For Malay Language, pupils sang traditional children songs, made parody of classic Malay films and played ‘wayang kulit’.

For Tamil Language, pupils participated in traditional games and took part in various language competitions such as show & tell, and story telling.


Mother Tongue Camp

To create an immersive environment for pupils to learn and use Mother Tongue Languages, the Mother Tongue Camp was organised for our Primary 4 pupils.

For Chinese Language, pupils took part in a variety of activities such as language games, Wushu, traditional Chinese mask-making and Chinese tea appreciation.

 For Malay Language, pupils were given the opportunity to pick up Malay dance, Dikir Barat and traditional Malay songs. Pupils showcased what they have learnt by putting together a cultural performance at the end of the camp.

For Tamil Language, pupils learnt about the Indian traditions, created Indian traditional costumes using paper and had the opportunity to taste traditional Indian food. 


Mother Tongue Learning Journeys

To extend and enrich our pupils’ learning experiences, Mother Tongue Learning Journeys were organised to help pupils make real and concrete what has been learnt in the classroom. 

For Chinese Language, Primary 3 pupils visited the Penguin Coast at the Jurong Bird Park in alignment with what they have learnt for one of the curricular topics.

For Malay Language, Primary 3 pupils went on a learning journey to the National Museum to learn more about Singapore’s rich and colourful past. Primary 4 pupils went to Bukit Chandu to find out more about how the Malay regiment defended Singapore against the Japanese during the World War II. 

For Tamil Language, Primary 4 and Primary 5 pupils went on the Pongal Learning Journey and witnessed the cooking of Pongal rice.


Cultural Enrichment Programmes


Our school has organised a series of Cultural Enrichment Programmes to promote the understanding and appreciation of Mother Tongue-related cultures. Primary 1 pupils participated in the Speech and Drama Programme, Primary 2 pupils took part in the calligraphy programme and Primary 3 pupils participated in the Chinese Opera programme

Hangzhou Immersion Programme

mt11.pngTo create authentic opportunities for pupils to use Mother Tongue with their foreign peers, we have forged partnership with Renmin Primary School in Hangzhou, People’s Republic of China. 30 Primary 5 pupils participated in the immersion and educational tour to China in 2013.

Tamil Language Month Activities

mt12.pngIn conjunction with the nation’s Tamil Language Month, Primary 1 to Primary 6 pupils participated in a variety of activities which encouraged them to speak in Tamil.

Picture Book Parent-Child Workshop

To encourage parents to partner their children in the learning of Mother Tongue, the Picture Book Parent-Child Workshop was organised for P1 pupils and parents. We were heartened by the active participation and positive feedback from parents.mt13.png