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Primary 1 Level

Level Motto - Hand in Hand, Together We Can

Primary One
Mrs May Tan (Year Head)
Ms Koh Mui Noi (Asst Year Head)
P1 Level Letters
Term 1
Term 2
Term 3
Term 4

P1 Level Collage.jpg
From left to right (top row):
Mrs Li Zijing, Mdm Elyyah, Mdm Nur Shireen, Mdm Chia Puay San, Mrs Vanessa Loh,
Mdm Mujtahidah, Mdm Isnarti
From left to right (bottom row):
Mdm Tan Yee Ying, Ms Alicia Ong, Ms Trixie Wang, Mdm Haida, Ms Thilagah, Mrs May Tan,
Ms Cheung Hui Zhen

Form and Co-Form Teachers

Class Form / Co-Form Teachers Email
1 Care Mrs Li Zijing (Form) lin_zijing@moe.edu.sg
  Mdm Elyyah Bte Kamsin (Co-Form) elyyah_kamsin@moe.edu.sg 
 1 Charity Mdm Nur Shireen (Form) nur_shireen_ahmad_rosli@moe.edu.sg 
   Mdm Chia Puay San (Co-Form)  chia_puay_san@moe.edu.sg
 1 Faith  Mrs Vanessa Loh (Form) ng_wai_theng@moe.edu.sg 
  Mdm Mujtahidah Bte Abdul Ghani (Co-Form) mujtahidah_abdul_ghani@moe.edu.sg 
 1 Grace Mdm Isnarti Bte Ahmad Sani (Form) isnarti_ahmad_sani@moe.edu.sg 
  Mdm Tan Yee Ying (Co-Form) tan_yee_ying@moe.edu.sg 
 1 Hope Ms Alicia Ong (Form) ong_jiayu_alicia@moe.edu.sg 
   Ms Trixie Wang (Co-Form) wang_mu_lan_trixie@moe.edu.sg 
 1 Joy Mdm Siti Haida Bte Kamid (Form) siti_haida_kamid@moe.edu.sg 
  Ms Thilagah d/o Doraisamy (Co-Form) thilagah_doraisamy@moe.edu.sg 
1 Love   Mrs May Tan (Form) poh_chin_fung@moe.edu.sg 
   Ms Cheung Hui Zhen (Co-Form) cheung_hui_zhen@moe.edu.sg 

Subject Teachers

1 GraceEnglishMrs Serene Poonkoh_lay_kee_serene@moe.edu.sg
ML1/1CareMalayMdm Zalifahnor_zalifah_abdul_ghaffar@moe.edu.sg
CL1/1Charity Chinese Mdm Chia Puay Sanchia_puay_san@moe.edu.sg 
ML2/1Faith  MalayMdm Fatimah fatimah_ahmad@moe.edu.sg 
CL2/1Grace Chinese Mdm  Tan Yee Yingtan_yee_ying@moe.edu.sg 
 CL3/1Hope ChineseMs Ang Ping Jun ang_ping_jun@moe.edu.sg 
TL1/1Joy  TamilMs Thilagah thilagah_doraisamy@moe.edu.sg 
CL4/1Love Chinese  Ms Liu Dan Danliu_dan_dan@moe.edu.sg 
 ML3/Powerlife1 MalayMdm Elyyah elyyah_kamsin@moe.edu.sg 

1 CareMrs Li Zijing
Mrs Li Zijing
1 CharityMdm Nur Shireen
Mdm Nur Shireen
 1 Faith Mrs Vanessa LohMrs Vanessa Loh 
 1 GraceMrs Serene Poon Mrs Serene Poon 
1 Hope Ms Alicia Ong Ms Alicia Ong 
 1 Joy Siti Haida Bte KamidSiti Haida Bte Kamid 
1 Love Mrs May Tan Mrs May Tan