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Primary 3 Level

Level Motto - Listen. Think. Try.

Primary Three
Mrs Janice Chang (Year Head)
Ms Aainoo (Asst Year Head)
P3 Level Letters
Term 1
Term 2
Term 3
Term 4

P3 Level Collage.jpg
From left to right (top row):
Mrs Low Kwee Huang, Ms Ang Ping Jun, Ms Khairunnisa, Mdm Chong Shu Bao, Mrs Tina Eng,
Mdm Norizawaty
From left to right (bottom row):
Mrs Rekha Naidu, Mdm Guan Min Hang, Ms Rachel Tan, Mrs Janice Chang, Ms Cory Chung,
Mr Tan Tek Hing, Ms Annemarie

Form and Co-Form Teachers

Class Form / Co-Form Teachers Email
3 Care Mrs Low Kwee Hunag (Form) teo_kwee_huang@moe.edu.sg
  Ms Ang Ping Jun (Co-Form) ang_ping_jun@moe.edu.sg  
 3 Charity Ms Khairunnisa Bin Azman (Form) khairunnisa_azman@moe.edu.sg  
   Mdm Chong Shu Bao (Co-Form) chong_shu_bao@moe.edu.sg
 3 Faith  Mrs Tina Eng (Form) tina_leong@moe.edu.sg  
  Mdm Norizawaty Bte Sulaiman (Co-Form)


 3 Grace Mrs Rekha Naidu (Form) rekha_karunanithi@moe.edu.sg  
  Mdm Guan Min Hang (Co-Form) guan_minhang@moe.edu.sg  
 3 Hope Ms Rachel Tan Shiya (Form) tan_shi_ya@moe.edu.sg  
   Mrs Janice Chang (Co-Form) lim_seok_lian@moe.edu.sg  
 3 Joy Ms Cory Chung (Form)

  Mr Tan Tek Hing (Co-Form) tan_tek_hing@moe.edu.sg  

Subject Teachers

Class/Venue Subject Teacher Email

 CL1/3Care  Chinese  Mr Lim Tian Swee lim_swee_tian@moe.edu.sg  
CL2/3Charity  Chinese Mdm Chong Shu Bao chong_shu_bao@moe.edu.sg  
ML1/3Faith  Malay Mdm Norizawaty norizawaty_sulaiman@moe.edu.sg     
CL3/3Grace  Chinese  Mdm Kee Wai Ying kee_wai_ying@moe.edu.sg
CL4/3Hope Chinese Mr Tan Tek Hing tan_tek_hing@moe.edu.sg  
CL5/3Joy  Chinese Mr Liew Ching Shyang liew_ching_shyang@moe.edu.sg
TL1/Language Rm 1         Chinese   Ms Ratha ratha_pichai_odayar@moe.edu.sg
CL6/Language Rm2         Chinese  Mdm Huang Dong Honghuang_dong_hong@moe.edu.sg
 CL7/Language Rm3 Chinese Mdm Guan Minhangtan_tek_hing@moe.edu.sg  
 TL2/Teaching Lab TamilMs Siti Safura siti_safura_abdul_rahim@moe.edu.sg
 ML2/SBB 2&3 MalayMr Qamarul Azhar qamarul_azhar_ahmad_kamil@moe.edu.sg
ML3/SBB 4&5  MalayMr Amirul Asri amirul_asri_hussin@moe.edu.sg

Class/Subject English Mathematics Science
3 Care Mrs Rekha Naidu Mrs Low Kwee Huang Ms Cory Chung
3 Charity Ms Khairunnisa Mrs Janice Chang Ms Khairunnisa
 3 Faith Ms Rachel Tan / Ms Annemarie Mrs Tina Eng
 3 Grace Mrs Rekha NaiduMrs Low Kwee Huang
Ms Annemarie
3 Hope  Ms Rachel Tan
Mrs Janice Chang

 3 Joy Ms Khairunnisa
Ms Cory Chung Ms Cory Chung