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Primary 4 Level

Level Motto - Believe We Can Achieve

Primary Four
Mrs Janice Chang (Year Head)
Ms Aainoo (Asst Year Head)
P4 Level Letters
Term 1
Term 2
Term 3
Term 4

P4 Level Collage.jpg
From left to right (top row):
Mdm Chen Qi, Ms Aainoo, Ms Eliza Tan Hui En, Ms Noralasekeen
From left to right (middle row):
Ms Lim Mei San, Mr Alan Pillay, Mr Rezuan, Mr Phua Soon Teck
From left to right (bottom row):
Miss Clarice Teo Tze Yee, Ms Linda Tan Teck Ling,  Mr Liew Ching Shyang, Ms Khalisah, Miss Siti Safura Ms Linda Tan Teck Ling, Miss Jessica Ding Chooi Hui, Miss Gladys Wie Mao Suen

Form and Co-Form Teachers

Class Form / Co-Form Teachers Email
4 Care Mr Alan Pillay (Form) alan_pillay@moe.edu.sg
  Mdm Chen Qi (Co-Form) chen_qi_a@moe.edu.sg  
 4 Charity Ms Aainoo (Form) aainoo_a@moe.edu.sg  
  Ms Noralaseken Bte Mohamed Noor
 4 Faith  Miss Eliza Tan Hui En (Form) tan_hui_en_eliza@moe.edu.sg  
  Miss Siti Safura Bte Abdul Rahim (Co-Form) siti_safura_abdul_rahim@moe.edu.sg  
 4 Grace Mr Rezuan Bin Kassim(Form) rezuan_kassim@moe.edu.sg  
  Mr Phua Soon Teck (Co-Form) /
Mrs Linden Lim (Co-Form)
 4 Hope Miss Clarice Teo Tze Yee (Form) clarice_teo_tze_yee@moe.edu.sg  
   Mr Liew Chin Shyang (Co-Form) / 
Miss Lim Mei Shan (Co-Form)
 4 Joy Miss Khalisah Binte Suherman (Form) khalisah_suherman@moe.edu.sg  
  Ms Linda Tan Teck Ling (Co-Form) tan_teck_lin_linda@moe.edu.sg  

Subject Teachers

Class/Venue Subject Teacher Email

 CL1/4Care  Chinese  Mdm Chen Qi chen_qi_a@moe.edu.sg  
ML1/4Charity  Malay Ms Noralaseken noralaseken_mohamed_noor@moe.edu.sg  
TL1/4Faith   Tamil Ms Siti Safura  siti_safura_abdul_rahim@moe.edu.sg     
CL2/4Grace  Chinese  Mr Phua Soon Teck phua_soon_teck@moe.edu.sg
CL3/4Hope Chinese Mr Liew Chin Shyang  liew_ching_shyang@moe.edu.sg  
CL4/3Joy  Chinese Ms Linda Tan tan_teck_lin_linda@moe.edu.sg
TL2/ Language Rm1         Tamil   Ms Ratha ratha_pichai_odayar@moe.edu.sg
 ML2/Language Rm3  Malay Mdm Elyyah elyyah_kamsin@moe.edu.sg  
 ML3/Teaching Lab  Malay Mdm Zalifah   nor_zalifah_abdul_ghaffar@moe.edu.sg
 CL5/SBB 2&3  Chinese Mr Lee Jyh Kae  lee_jyh_kae@moe.edu.sg
CL6/SBB 4&5   Chinese Mdm Leong Soo Een lau-leong_soo_een@moe.edu.sg

Class/Subject English Mathematics Science
4 Care Mr Alan Pillay Mr Rezuan Ms Lim Mei Shan
4 Charity Ms Eliza Tan Ms Aainoo Ms Lim Mei Shan
 4 Faith Ms Eliza Tan Ms Clarice Teo Mrs Linden Ng
 4 Grace Ms Khalisah Mr Rezuan
Mrs Linden Ng
4 Hope  Mr Alan Pillay
Ms Clarice Teo
Ms Lim Mei Shan
 4 Joy Ms Khalisah
Ms Aainoo Mrs Linden Ng