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Primary 5 Level

Level Motto - Accountability in Action

Primary Five
Mr Samy Lim (Year Head)
Mdm Woo Sye Lai (Asst Year Head)
P5 Level Letters
Term 1
Term 2
Term 3
Term 4

P5 Level Collage-new.jpg
From left to right (top row):
Mdm Woo Sye Lai, Mdm Nor Zalifah, Miss Jayanthi, Mr Mohamed Ali, Miss Gladys Wie,
Mdm Andrea, Mdm Zuaraidah
From left to right (bottom row):
Mdm Kalaivani, Mr Qamarul,  Mdm Zawiah, Mdm Jin Pay, Mr Saravanan, Mr Low Choon Siong

Form and Co-Form Teachers

Class Form / Co-Form Teachers Email
5 Care Mdm Woo Sye Lai (Form) woo_sye_lai@moe.edu.sg
  Mdm Nor Zalifah Bte Abdul Ghaffar (Co-Form) nor_zalifah_abdul_ghaffar@moe.edu.sg 
 5 Charity Ms Jayanthi Jayaram (Form) jayanthi_jayaram@moe.edu.sg 
  Mr Mohamed Ali Bin Mohamed Hanafiah
Miss Gladys Wie Mao Suen (Co-Form)

 5 Faith  Mdm Kalaivani Kumareswaran (Form) kalaivani_sivalingam_s@moe.edu.sg 
  Mr Qamarul Azhar B Ahmad Kamail

 5 Grace Mdm Zawiah Bte Ahmad (Form) zawiah_ahmad@moe.edu.sg 
  Mdm Jin Pay Gim Hean (Co-Form)
 5 Hope Mr Saravanan Kandasamy (Form) saravanan_kandasamy@moe.edu.sg 
  Mr Low Choon Siong (Co-Form)
 5 Joy Mdm K Vejayalakshmy Andrea (Form) k_vejayalakshmy_andrea@moe.edu.sg 
  Mdm Zuraidah Binte Hasan (Co-Form) zuraidah_hasan@moe.edu.sg  

Subject Teachers

Class/Venue Subject Teacher Email

 CL1/5Care  Chinese  Mr Phua Soon Teck phua_soon_teck@moe.edu.sg  
ML1/5Charity  Malay Mdm Zalifah nor_zalifah_abdul_ghaffar@moe.edu.sg  
CL2/5Faith  Chinese  Mr Tan Tek Hing tan_tek_hing@moe.edu.sg     
CL3/5Grace  Chinese  Mdm Ang Ping Jun ang_ping_jun@moe.edu.sg
CL4/3Hope Chinese Mdm Leong Soo Een lau-leong_soo_een@moe.edu.sg  
ML2/5Joy  Chinese Mdm Norizawaty norizawaty_sulaiman@moe.edu.sg
Fdn ML/ Language Rm1         Malay  Mdm Fatimah fatimah_ahmad@moe.edu.sg
Fdn CL/ Language Rm2         Chinese  Ms Cheung Hui Zhen cheung_hui_zhen@moe.edu.sg
 CL5/Language Rm3 Chinese Mdm Chia Puay San chia_puay_san@moe.edu.sg  
 TL1/Teaching Lab  Tamil Ms Siti Safura  siti_safura_abdul_rahim@moe.edu.sg
 CL6/SBB 2&3 Chinese Mdm Kee Wai Ying   kee_wai_ying@moe.edu.sg
ML3/SBB 4&5   Malay Mdm Noralaseken   noralaseken_mohamed_noor@moe.edu.sg

Class/Subject English Mathematics Science
5 Care Mr Saravanan Mdm Woo Sye Lai  Mdm Kalaivani
5 Charity Ms Jayanthi  Mdm Zawiah  Ms Jayanthi 
 5 Faith Mdm Andrea Mdm Woo Sye Lai  Mdm Kalaivani
 5 Grace Mdm Jin Pay  Mdm Zawiah 
Mdm Jin Pay 
5 Hope  Mr Saravanan
Mr Low Choon Siong
 Mdm Kalaivani
 5 Joy Mdm Andrea
Mrs Tan KT Ms Jayanthi 
  Foundation English             Foundation Math               Foundation Science           
 5 Joy 1Mdm Zuraidah Mr Low Choon Siong   Mdm Kalaivani