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Primary 1 Level 2018


Level Motto - Dare to Explore, Discover More

Primary One
Mrs May Tan (Year Head)
Ms Koh Mui Noi (Asst Year Head)
P1 Level Letters
P1 Term 1 Level Letter.pdf
P1 Term 2 Level Letter.pdf
P1 Term 3 Level Letter.pdf
P1 Term 4 Level Letter.pdf

Form and Co-Form Teachers

Class Form / Co-Form Teachers Email
1 Care Mdm Ponmalar d/o Supramaniam (Form) ponmalar_supramaniam@moe.edu.sg
  Mdm Wei Lin (Co-Form) wei_lin@moe.edu.sg 
 1 Charity Ms Khairunnisa Bte Azman (Form) khairunnisa_azman@moe.edu.sg 
   Mdm Chong Shu Bao (Co-Form)  chong_shu_bao@moe.edu.sg
 1 Faith  Ms Koh Mui Noi (Form) koh_mui_noi@moe.edu.sg 
  Mr Lim Tian Swee (Co-Form) lim_swee_tian@moe.edu.sg 
 1 Grace Ms Cory Chung (Form) cory_chung_gui_hua@moe.edu.sg 
  Ms Ang Ping Jun (Co-Form) ang_ping_jun@moe.edu.sg 
 1 Hope Mdm Ling Yun Chin (Form) ling_yun_chin@moe.edu.sg 
  Mdm Fatimah Bte Ahmad (Co-Form) fatimah_ahmad@moe.edu.sg 
 1 Joy Mrs Loo Ee Lin (Form) lim_ee_lin_a@moe.edu.sg 
  Miss Dhiviya Selva Raju (Co-Form) dhiviya_selva_raju@moe.edu.sg
1 Love   Mrs Geetha Eddie (Form) geetha_vanimogan@moe.edu.sg 
   Ms Jessica Tsang (Co-Form) jessica_tsang_sien@moe.edu.sg 

Subject Teachers 

Class/VenueMother Tongue TeacherEmail
1 CareMdm Wei Linwei_lin@moe.edu.sg
1 CharityMdm Chong Shu Baochong_shu_bao@moe.edu.sg
1 FaithMr Lim Tian Sweelim_swee_tian@moe.edu.sg  
1 GraceMr Qamarul Azharqamarul_azhar_ahmad_kamil@moe.edu.sg 
1 HopeMdm Fatimah Bte Ahmadfatimah_ahmad@moe.edu.sg  
1 Joy Ms Ang Ping Junang_ping_jun@moe.edu.sg  
1 LoveMdm Elyyah Kamsin elyyah_kamsin@moe.edu.sg
1 MercyMs Thilagahthilagah_doraisamy@moe.edu.sg  

1 CareMdm Ponmalar d/o SupramaniamMdm Ponmalar d/o Supramaniam
1 CharityMs Khairunnisa Bte AzmanMs Khairunnisa Bin Azman
 1 Faith Ms Koh Mui NoiMs Koh Mui Noi 
 1 GraceMs Cory ChungMs Cory Chung 
1 Hope Mdm Ling Yun ChinMdm Ling Yun Chin 
 1 Joy Mrs Loo Ee LinMrs Loo Ee Lin 
1 Love Mrs Geetha Eddie Mrs Geetha Eddie
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