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Primary 2 Level 2019

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Level Motto - Dare to Imagine, Achieve our Dreams

Primary Two
Mdm Noor Hanim Bte Abdul Rahim (Asst Year Head) (Int)
Miss Koh Mui Noi (Asst Year Head)
P2 Level Letters

Form and Co-Form Teachers

Class Form / Co-Form Teachers Email
2 Care Ponmalar d/o Supramaniam (Mdm) ponmalar_supramaniam@schools.gov.sg
  Kee Wai Ying (Mdm) kee_wai_ying@schools.gov.sg
 2 Charity Khairunnisa Bte Azman (Miss)
  Chong Shu Bao (Mdm)
 2 Faith Koh Mui Noi (Miss)
  Lim Tian Swee (Mr)
 2 Grace Cory Chung Gui Hua (Miss) cory_chung_gui_hua@schools.gov.sg
  Lim Seow Yin (Mdm)
 2 Hope Woo Sye Lai (Mdm)  woo_sye_lai@schools.gov.sg
  Fatimah Bte Ahmad (Mdm)
Cheung Hui Zhen (Miss)
 2 Joy Lim Ee Lin (Mrs Loo) lim_ee_lin_a@schools.gov.sg
  Sheryl Soh Wei Chyi (Mrs Ng) soh_wei_chyi@schools.gov.sg
2 Love  Lim Xin Jing (Miss) lim_xin_jing@schools.gov.sg
  Geetha (Mrs Eddie)
Liew Ching Shyang (Mr)

Subject Teachers

Class/Venue Mother Tongue Teacher Email
2 Care 
2 Charity
2 Faith
 2 Grace

 2 Hope 
 2 Joy
2 Love 
2 Mercy
SBB 2 & 3 

Class/Subject English Mathematics
2 Care Ponmalar d/o Supramaniam (Mdm)Ponmalar d/o Supramaniam (Mdm)
2 Charity Khairunnisa Bte Azman (Miss)Khairunnisa Bte Azman (Miss)
 2 Faith Koh Mui Noi (Miss)
Koh Mui Noi (Miss)
 2 Grace Cory Chung Gui Hua (Miss)
Cory Chung Gui Hua (Miss)
2 Hope  Woo Sye Lai (Mdm) 
Woo Sye Lai (Mdm) 
 2 Joy Lim Ee Lin (Mrs Loo)
Lim Ee Lin (Mrs Loo)
2 Love  Geetha (Mrs Eddie)
Geetha (Mrs Eddie)
Updated 08 January 2019