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Principal's Message

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Welcome to 2019.

This year is a very special year for Evergreen Primary as we celebrate our 20th Anniversary.  From it’s inception in 1999 EGPS has come a long way but what has been consistent is the school’s focus on Joy of Learning and Pure in Act.

The theme for the celebration is P.L.A.Y Inc. which spells out Play Inclusivity which is the school’s culture.  Despite the students varied backgrounds, learning abilities, interests and talents, the school embraces all learners and provides them with diverse programmes to enjoy learning and varied platforms to showcase their learning.  The school’s policy is All and not some.

Any visitor who walks into the school compound, can feel the vibrancy and positive energy amongst staff and students.  This is largely due to the school’s mission in adopting P.L.A.Y which is Positivity in Relationships, Learning with Passion, Actively Contributing and Youthfulness in Living.  Our Innovative programmes include Multi-Modal Programmes (MMP) and That’s Great It’s Friday (TGIF) which aims to provide our pupils with Choice and a Voice.  Play allows children to explore uncharted waters and learn social skills in a non-threatening environment.  We aim to allow our pupils the platforms to uncover their strengths and interests through these innovative programmes. Moreover, through the MMP, confidence will be developed as every programme will culminate to either a performance or sharing by every pupil yearly.  Every learning, both within the Core Curriculum or Co-curriculum, will be captured in the Student Portfolio so that every pupil of EGPS will leave the school will have a holistic portfolio developed over the 6 years in the school.  When students’ experiences are constrained, they may make uninformed decisions on what they are good at.  Thus, the school’s Multi-Modal Program (MMP) allows students to learn skills across the language arts, visual arts, dance, sports, drumming and Micro-Bits.  To ensure that students acquire soft skills, the school has conceptualised and developed  modules which are self-run packages such as U and I = We, Home Craft, Innovation and Enterprise and Building Aspirations.  We are affirmed by parents that our students have developed to be more confident and have greater self-esteem and self-efficacy because of their holistic development in the various domains. More of our students have also qualified through DSA at Pri 6 by having developed their multiple talents.

As you walk into the school, you will certainly be welcomed by our vibrant environment as the school advocates Environment as the 3rd Teacher.  Places of learning are created so that students are engaged in self-directed learning at their own free time.  The process of learning is far more important than the product itself and hence students learn from one another through these place based learning.  The iWonder which is our latest addition, allows creativity and Innovation to flourish through using Lego blocks, straws and other recycled materials.  The freedom and space to explore allows our students minds’ to be liberated and be creative.

One of the testimony of parents trust and faith in the school is evident by the number of parent volunteers that the school has garnered to facilitate our programmes namely TGIF (That’s Great It’s Friday) which is conducted weekly.   Our students experience free play for one-hour where thematic activities, across various subjects, are conducted for students to explore so that learning transcends beyond the classroom.  Students learn while playing and can exercise Choice and Voice which tends to deepen engagement and passion in learning.

Mrs See, the 1st Principal, wrote this in her inaugural issue of the school newsletter in 2001; “Each child is an opportunity, each child is a promise”.  Till to date, EGPS has lived out its promise to maximize the potential of every student irrespective of their entry point into the school.  What we take greater pride in is the values and dispositions that our students display.  The school’s strong emphasis on “Think Good, Speak Good and Do Good” has translated to students being more respectful, displaying empathy and showing more graciousness in their daily lives.

As we celebrate our 20th Anniversary, we would like to showcase how well and how far our students have been developed well with the 21st century competencies. We would also like to show the school’s partnership with the communities both within and outside Singapore, to ensure that the students benefit holistically. 

On behalf of my staff, here’s wishing one and all a Purposeful and Playful 2019.


Yours sincerely

Mrs Rabia Shahul