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Principal's Message

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                                                                         Mrs Rabia Shahul CV

 A new year and a new beginning has begun.

As the school is moving forward taking cognizance of the changing educational landscape, envisioning was conducted with all staff in phases in 2017. Hence, we are pleased to inform you that the school’s vision is recrafted to be,

A Vibrant School which inspires passion in learning and purposeful living. 

We would like to create joyful learning experiences that will make the learner be engaged, be self-directed and innovative. We would also like to focus on building a sound character education where every pupil will find purpose and passion in life and will be motivated to serve others.

Furthermore, in guiding us in our journey, our school’s approach this year will be P.L.A.Y. 

Positivity in Relationships

Learning with Passion

Actively Contributing

Youthfulness in Living

Hence, there will be many innovative programmes, places and learning processes that will create appropriate opportunities for staff and pupils to realise these.  

Our Innovative programmes include Multi-Modal Programmes (MMP) and That’s Great It’s Friday (TGIF) which aims to provide our pupils with Choice and a Voice.  Play allows children to explore uncharted waters and learn social skills in a non-threatening environment.  We aim to allow our pupils the platforms to uncover their strengths and interests through these innovative programmes. Moreover, through the MMP, confidence will be developed as every programme will culminate to either a performance or sharing by every pupil yearly.  Every learning, both within the Core Curriculum or Co-curriculum, will be captured in the Student Portfolio so that every pupil of EGPS will leave the school will have a holistic portfolio developed over the 6 years in the school. 

As you walk into the school compound, you will be greeted by our newly built innovative places that include Arts Carousel, our newly conceptualised library, stage at the canteen etc.  The school hinges on the principle of Environment as the 3rd Teacher and through these innovative places, learning can take place beyond the classroom and even self-directed by the learner.

As the late Mr Lee Kwan Yew has said, “If you want to reach your goals and dreams, you cannot do it without discipline,” we will place premium importance in building the character and values of our pupils so that they are developed well in the social and moral domains.  In line with the school motto, ‘Pure in Act,’ the school will provide learning opportunities and platforms for pupils to exemplify Think Good, Do Good and Speak Good so that every pupil will develop into cultured and gracious individuals.

To teach well, we will learn well. Hence, we are committed to developing the competency and confidence of our staff through the adoption of the Singapore Teaching Practice (STP) as a school wide approach so that specialisation, collaboration and sharing of best practices will develop every EGPS teacher to be a skilful teacher.

We need everyone’s contribution, engagement and support to realize our dreams for our pupils and for the school.  We seek parents’ support, encouragement and partnership to help us in our journey so that we continue to be a school of choice that will provide a worthwhile education and develop individuals who are confident, resilient, empathetic, and at the same time grounded in sound values.

Your Attitude and not Aptitude (intelligence) that will determine your Altitude (growth),Zig Zigler.


On behalf of my staff, here’s wishing one and all a Blessed and Fulfilling New Year in 2018! 


Yours sincerely

Mrs Rabia Shahul