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Principal's Message

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Welcome to 2022

In line with the school’s Vision of building A Vibrant School that which inspires Passion in learning and Purposeful living, we would like to create joyful learning experiences that will make the learner be more engaged, and empowered so that he can be self-directed and innovative. We will continue to be guided by our Mission of P.L.A.Y and our school values of Respect, Empathy, Graciousness, Grit and Integrity.

We have built an inviting School Culture through focusing on the right Policies, Processes, Places, Programmes and People. 

Any visitor who walks into the school compound, can feel the vibrancy and positive energy amongst staff and students.  This is largely due to the school’s mission in adopting P.L.A.Y which is Positivity in Relationships, Learning with Passion, Actively Contributing and Youthfulness in Living.  Our Innovative programmes include Multi-Modal Programmes (MMP) and That’s Great It’s Friday (TGIF) which aims to provide our pupils with Choice and a Voice.  Play allows children to explore uncharted waters and learn social skills in a non-threatening environment.  We aim to allow our pupils the platforms to uncover their strengths and interests through these innovative programmes. Moreover, through the MMP, confidence will be developed as every programme will culminate to either a performance or sharing by every pupil yearly.  2 new support programmes – SHINE through Inspire and Aspire (SIA) will continue to be conducted in 2022 to uplift students who need the extra support. 

Every learning, both within the Core Curriculum or Co-curriculum, will be captured in the Student Portfolio so that every pupil of EGPS will leave the school will have a holistic portfolio developed over the 6 years in the school.  When students’ experiences are widened, they may make informed decisions on what they are good at.  Thus, the school’s signature programme, Multi-Modal Program (MMP) allows students to learn skills across the language arts, visual arts, dance, sports, drumming and Micro-Bits.  To ensure that students acquire soft skills, the school has conceptualised and developed  modules which are self-run packages such as U and I = We, Home Craft, Innovation and Enterprise and Building Aspirations.  We are affirmed by parents that our students have developed to be more confident and have greater self-esteem and self-efficacy because of their holistic development in the various domains. Through 2019 to 2021, we have a record number of students who have qualified to secondary school of choice through DSA.

At EGPS, many programs are conducted for ALL students and not some.  In order to develop better self-confidence and high self-esteem, every student will be given the platform to perform at least once each year.  All student programmes will be tiered through our 3 S Approach: Stretch, Strengthen and Support so that while no one is left behind, those who need the extra push will be given the necessary opportunities to excel. We have a very comprehensive 4 tiered leadership programme for all students.

EGPS has built a very vibrant culture by creating learning spaces beyond the classroom guided by the principle of Environment as the 3rd Teacher. Story House (Library), Arts Carousel (Arts Corridor), iWonder (Innovation Hub) and the PLAY Room (Multi-purpose Classroom for MMP, PAL & Art lessons) are some of the few learning spaces that have been newly created over the last 2-3 years.  The thematic murals in the Pri 1 and 2 classrooms have also enhanced the learning environment to be more vibrant.  The school will continue to create more authentic spaces for students to be engaged in learning beyond the classroom. Places of learning are created so that students are engaged in self-directed learning at their own free time.   

The school emphasizes greatly in teacher development.  Hence, all our teachers go through intensive training in Differentiated Instruction, Inquiry Based Learning and Assessment Literacy through regular school based training so that they become competent in their teaching craft.  Students’ needs are identified and catered for at the level so that our efforts are concerted and consistent.

The school has developed and maintained good partnerships with our stakeholders.  We have seen an increase number of Parent Volunteers for school-based programmes over the years.  We have also forged very good partnerships with overseas schools from New Zealand, China and Sarawak.  We have also formed new partnerships with educators from UK, Estonia and India who have come onboard to learn best practices from EGPS.

Mrs See, the 1st Principal, wrote this in her inaugural issue of the school newsletter in 2001; “Each child is an opportunity, each child is a promise”.  Till to date, EGPS has lived out its promise to maximize the potential of every student irrespective of their entry point into the school.  What we take greater pride in is the values and dispositions that our students display.  The school’s strong emphasis on “Think Good, Speak Good and Do Good” has translated to students being more respectful, displaying empathy and showing more graciousness in their daily lives.

The students are our pride, our hope our future.

Have a purposeful and fulfilling year ahead. Stay Safe and adhere to the Safe Management Measures so that as a country we can overcome the pandemic together.

Mrs Rabia Shahul