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School Crest

Coloured sch crest wout background.png
Our school crest has the shape of a leaf consisting of 5 parts that represent the 5 

school values that shape the beliefs, attitudes and actions of our students and staff.

The 3 leaves at the base of the crest represent the tripartite relationship between 

teachers, parents and the community at large which is integral for the holistic

development of the student in achieving the Desired Outcomes of Education.

The open book embodies the school's motto in developing every individual with both 

the intrinsic value of learn for life and building a sound character in our students.

The computer symbolizes the need for digital literacy in their quest for knowledge.

                                                          The colour green depicts youthfulness and constant renewal while yellow depicts

                                                          optimism and imagination.

Our School Motto



Pure In Act

Purpose And Passion In Learning


Think Good

Speak Good

Do Good