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School Rules

General Information for Parents

1. Monitoring your Child's Health

On a daily basis, do check if your child/ward is well before he/she leaves for school/  If they show symptoms of physically unwell, please take him/her to the doctor and allow him/her to rest at home for the full duration indicated in the Medical Certificate (MC) and recover fully before returning to school.

2. Absence from School

If a student is absent from school he/she must provide a medical certificate or letter signed by parents explaining the reason for his/her absence from school.

Parents are strongly discouraged to take their children out of school for vacation or family functions during school term.  Students must learn the habit of commitment and diligence and importance of being present in school during term time. 

3. Student’s Absence on Assessment/Examination Days

If a student has fever or looks visibly unwell, he/she will not be allowed to sit for the assessment/exams. Parents will be contacted to take him/her home.  It is everyone’s social responsibility to stay away from crowds when unwell so as to avoid the spread of any sickness.

If a student is absent for any exam/assessment, he/she must produce a valid medical certificate upon return to the school.  TCM medical certificates and parents’ letters are not valid for exam purposes.  Students will be given a zero grade if no medical certificates are provided for his/her absence.  The school will not have a make-up or reschedule the dates of Written and Listening Comprehension examinations/assessments.

4. Leaving the School before Dismissal

Students are not allowed to leave the school before dismissal.  If parents are picking up their child/ward who is unwell or needs to leave school before dismissal time they are required to fill in and submit the Early Departure Form at the General Office.  This will ensure safety of the child and that he/she leaves with his/her parent or an authorised adult. 

For any planned early dismissal, advance notice must be given either by phone or written note to the respective Form Teachers. 

5. Visits to the School

All parents or guardians are to obtain a visitors’ Pass from the security guards at the main gate before they proceed to the General Office for assistance.  Parents/Guardians are not allowed to walk up directly to their child’s classrooms.   

If parents would like to speak with the Form/Subject teachers, prior appointment must be made at least 1 day before the actual visit as teachers may have to attend meetings/workshops on that day. Teachers will not be able to meet parents during their teaching periods.  Alternatively, parents can communicate with teachers via phone or email.  

6. School Canteen

Parents and other visitors are not allowed to patronise the school canteen stalls.  This is to ensure that there is sufficient food prepared for staff and students on school days.

7. Road Safety

Parents who are driving into the school compound to drop their child/ward must abide by the school safety rules.  Do co-operate with the traffic marshals to ensure an overall safe and smooth traffic flow. Please drop your child/ward only at the designated drop off points.

Do not sound the horn within the school compound.

Teach your child how to alight from the car as quickly as possible so as not to delay the other drivers.  Please assist in doing your farewells at home.

If you and your child are cycling to school, at the school gate, do dismount the bicycle so as not to hit any pedestrians who are waking through the gates.

The school reserves the right to stop any errant drivers from entering the school compound as the staff and students’ safety are very important to us.   

8. Seek to Understand

The school practices a policy on “Seek to Understand”. Both parents and teachers have the same intention to educate the child at the centre; both academic and character education. Do speak to the teacher if you have any concerns to better understand both sides before arriving at any conclusion. Parents must trust and work with the school to help every student. 

9. School Publicity

Photographs or video images of you or your legal guardians may be taken during school activities and events such as classroom lessons, CCA, school camps, or school concerts. Please note that the school may use and publish such photographs or video recordings in school publications, the school’s website, social media channels, or other communication channels.

For clarifications on the above, please email us at evergreen_ps@moe.edu.sg

School Rules


1. Punctuality is a habit that must be instilled from young.  Students must be in school during term time unless they are unwell.

2. Students must be punctual for school and for all school functions. Students are to assemble in school by 7.20 a.m. at the respective assembly areas. Flag raising will be conducted at 7.30 a.m. sharp.  Any student who arrives later than that will be considered late. 

3. If a student is late more than 3 times per semester, he/she will be issued letter of advice.  The Conduct Grade will be affected for those who are constantly late and disciplinary action will be taken against these students.  

4. Students are not allowed to leave the school compound during curriculum hours without permission. This includes those who are attending after-school activities in the afternoon (e.g. CCA, Enrichment, Remedial, Supplementary, LSP) and are not allowed to leave the school premise until such activities have ended. Parents must provide school with signed letters if the child is required to leave during school hours.


1. Every student must understand the purpose of rules in instilling discipline and maintaining safety in the school. There must be uniformity in appearance when students come to school.   Students are to wear the prescribed school uniform for all school activities (Please refer to photos for examples of school attire).  No modification to the school uniform is allowed.  

2. Students’ attire must be neat and tidy at all times.  Every student must have their name tags sewn on their uniform.

3. Girls with long hair (longer than the collar) must have it tied neatly in a ponytail or in plaits.  Long fringe must be pulled back with a hair band or hair clip. Only black hair accessories are accepted.  

4. Girls are not allowed to wear make-up including lining their eyes with eyeliner or kohl.

5. Boys must have short and acceptable hairstyle.  Boys are not allowed to shave closely to the scalp on one side and have longer fringe on the other side. No other fanciful haircuts are allowed.

6. Disciplinary action will be taken against students who continuously break the rules despite counselling and reminders sent. Parents are to ensure that the student appears with acceptable hairstyle during term time for uniformity.

7. Boys must be clean shaven and no facial hair is allowed.

8. No coloured dye is to be applied to the hair.  

9. No jewellery must be worn to school.  Only plain ear studs (black, gold or silver) are allowed.  For safety reason, girls are not allowed to wear loop ear rings as they may pose a danger during play. Religious amulets or chain must be long enough to be hidden beneath the uniform.

10. Spot check will be conducted and students are given up to 3 days to rectify and comply with standards.

11. The school must be a safe place for everyone.  Hence, all students are not allowed to have in their possession any weapon.  They are also not allowed to bring any weapon-like item which is used or intended to be used to cause harm to others. Action will be taken against students who possess these weapons. 

12. Unauthorized electronic, communication, entertainment or gaming devices capable of capturing, storing, displaying and/or transmitting visual, audio or verbal information are not allowed in the school compound regardless of the time of the day. Examples of prohibited items include mobile phones, cameras, tablets and smart wrist watches.   The school will not be held responsible for the loss of students’ electronic devices.  Unauthorized use of electronic devices will be confiscated and will only be returned to the student’s parent/guardian.  

13. Students are not allowed to bring mobile phones to school.  If students need to bring their mobile phones due to emergencies at home, permission must be sought from Form Teacher.  The phone must be switched off and be used only upon dismissal.  The student must be responsible in taking care of his own belongings.   

14. If a teacher has authorized the use of electronic devices for educational purposes, students are expected to use them responsibly and in compliance with the school’s anti-bullying and anti-cyberbullying policies. Students must not photograph, video or otherwise record students or staff members without permission.

15. Every EGPS student will adhere to the school motto to be Pure in Act. Students are to learn good habits and exercise the right values at all times. They must respect themselves, their peers, teachers and school property at all times.  The school advocates, Think Good, Do Good, and Speak Good at all times.

16. As a school community we will exercise care and respect for one another.  There is Zero Tolerance for bullying at EGPS.  Bullying includes physical, psychological and cyber bullying. The school will mediate and counsel students involved in bullying.  The school will take serious actions against students who repeatedly hurt others despite counselling, mediation and warning.

17. The school has a case management process in place and students who do not adhere to school rules will be meted with the appropriate consequences.  Parents are requested to work closely with the school so that we educate every student to take responsibility for their own actions.


1. All students must participate in the flag-raising and pledge taking ceremony at the start of the day.  Students who are Singapore Citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the National Pledge. Students will take the Pledge with the right fist placed over the heart while reciting the Pledge to show commitment and pride.

2. For every child to find meaning in his/her learning he/she must be passionate about learning. He/she must be proud to be a student of EGPS and be passionate about learning the academics as well as values and social emotional competencies.

3. Students must be committed to their holistic learning.  The process of learning is as important as the product.  Hence, every student must complete all homework, worksheets and corrections assigned by the teacher dutifully and handed in on time.  They must use the student diary to manage their assignments and time well.  Parents are to help monitor that their child is completing all work assigned on time.

4. Students must learn the habit of organising their daily work so that everything is in order for their revision purpose.  All worksheets must be neatly files in the respective subject files and handed to the teacher for checking when required to.


1. The school provides a holistic development program for our students.  Every EGPS student will be confident and self-directed in his/her learning. 

2. At the end of every co-curricular program, students will be required to perform / share their learning.  

3. This can be in the form of performance, oral/written presentation, publication or reflection.  This is aligned to the school’s approach in developing confidence and commitment in every student.

4. Students who have opted for CCA, must attend every session unless written permission is sought from CCA teacher.  Any student who fails to maintain 75% attendance, will be dropped from the respective CCAs and will not be awarded certificate of participation.

5. Every student will be provided opportunity and skills to be a leader.  Leadership opportunities will be provided in a tiered approach.

6. Students must adopt an excellence mind-set and do the best that they can.  They must challenge themselves to realise their potential.  Every student must set academic and character goals every year to work towards their individual purpose. They will be closely monitored and coached throughout the year so that they can reach their optimal best. 

7. Remedial lessons will only be catered to students who really need the assistance for closer coaching. Parents are to ensure that their child attends the remedial lessons if they have been selected for them.

8. Students are encouraged to act responsibly by taking ownership in packing their bags every day and bringing the necessary books/materials to school. Parents/domestic helpers are discouraged from delivering any items to our students during school hours so as to allow them the opportunity to learn and be more responsible. Such acts also causes disruption and additional work for our Office Staff and the school reserves the right to not accede to such requests. 

9. Students must exercise Integrity during all tests/examinations. Students are considered to have cheated tests/examinations when they are found: 

copying  from another student or allowing another student to copy via various forms of communication that include verbal/non-verbal gestures, display of writing materials; retrieving information by any electronic means that include computerised wrist watches, mobile phones, digital cameras etc  (list is not exhaustive)

Attempting to amend marks or change answers on marked exam scripts

10. Any student who has cheated or attempted to cheat, or collaborated with others with the intention to cheat, will have to go through School Exam Board’s investigations.  If found guilty, severe actions will be taken against all students involved.  Decision by school is final.  

School Rules and Consequences

The school believes that good discipline is an important contributing factor towards creating an effective school. Our discipline policies and procedures foster self-discipline and desired behaviours that are aligned to our school values. The following serves as a guide and depending on the severity of the offences, appropriate disciplinary action/s will be meted out in consultation with the School Leaders and Key Personnel in-charge of discipline matters. 

If students violate the school rules and need to be disciplined, the school seeks the understanding of parents and guardians to support the Student Development Team (SDT) when disciplinary actions are administered. 

Category A:


1st Occurrence

2nd Occurrence

3rd Occurrence & Beyond

·         Late-coming

·         Improper attire and grooming

·         Littering

·         Not doing assignments

·         Counselling by Form Teacher/ Co-Form Teacher/Subject Teacher

·         Home Involvement

·         Home Involvement

·         Warning / Letter of Advice (Late-coming)             

·         Detention

·         Case to be referred to SDT for further course of action with proactive strategies to be taken by school and home.

Category B:


1st Occurrence

2nd Occurrence

3rd Occurrence & Beyond

·         Leaving school compound without permission/Truancy

·         Disruptive behaviour

·         Using vulgar language/gesture

·         Home Involvement

·         Complete Reflection Form/Behaviour Contract 

·         Home Involvement

·         Case escalated to SDT for consequences and further action.

·         Recess or After School Detention

·         Complete Reflection Form / Behaviour Contract 

·         Home Involvement

·         Case to be escalated to SDT & School Leaders for further disciplinary actions.

Depending on the severity of the offence, the consequences meted out may include one or more of the following:

·         Counselling

·         Behaviour Contract

·         Corrective work order

·         Detention and reflection

·         Caning

·         Internal suspension

·         Out-of-school suspension

·         Loss of privilege/s

·         Ineligibility for awards

·         Other alternatives deemed appropriate to correct unacceptable behaviour

Category C:


1st Occurrence & Beyond

·         Bullying (Verbal & Physical), Cyberbullying

·         Gangsterism/Fighting/Assault

·         Open defiance/rudeness to teacher or school personnel

·         Theft/Other acts of dishonesty

·         Pornography

·         Forgery

·         Smoking

·         Gambling

·         Outrage of modesty/inappropriate behaviour

·         Vandalism/Damage to public property

·         Cheating/Attempting to cheat in tests and examinations

·         Home Involvement

·         Case to be escalated to SDT & School Leaders for further disciplinary actions.

Depending on the severity of the offence, the consequences meted out may include one or more of the following:

·         Counselling

·         Behaviour Contract

·         Corrective work order

·         Detention and reflection

·         Caning

·         Internal suspension

·         Out-of-school suspension

·         Restitution

·         Loss of privilege/s

·         Ineligibility for awards

·         Other alternatives deemed appropriate to correct unacceptable behaviour

School Attire

Students are to wear prescribed school uniform to school (including holiday, school activities, school functions and school outings). No modifications of the school uniform is allowed.

Students are allowed to wear PE T-shirts throughout the day if they have PE lessons on that particular day.

Students are to change to their CCA attire and footwear (if any) only after curriculum time unless they have school competitions. 

Ornaments, Jewellery

No ornaments or any forms of jewellery, such as necklace and bracelet are allowed.

(For girls only) Only plain ear studs (black, gold or silver) are allowed.  For safety reason, girls are not allowed to wear earrings as they may pose a danger during play. Religious amulets or chain must be long enough to be hidden beneath the uniform.



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