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Character and Citizenry Education Department



A school where students grow to have good character and strong national identity.


To inculcate desired shared values and equip our students with the social and emotional competencies to be future-ready global citizens.


In CCE, our students learn to be responsible to family and community; understand their roles in shaping the future of our nation. The goal of CCE is to inculcate values and build competencies in our students to develop them to be good individuals and useful citizens.

CCE Curriculum

The CCE Curriculum comprises CCE lessons, Form Teacher Guidance Period (FTGP) and school-based CCE and CCE Guidance Module.

The CCE Syllabus provides the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to be taught explicitly through the CCE Curriculum. Sexuality Education (SEd) for Primary 5 and 6 students is taught through Curious Minds 2, a separate syllabus developed by MOE to meet the development needs of our students. You may click here for more information.

Social Studies Curriculum

The Social Studies Curriculum aims to help students grow in knowledge, develop skills and learn values through examining issues that are of concern to our society and the world in which they live in.

Programme for Active Learning (PAL)

The objectives of PAL are:
(1) To provide students broad exposure to the 4 PAL domains of Sports & Games, Outdoor Education, Visual Arts and Music which are carried out within curriculum time.

(2) Through engaging students in the 4 domains, students build confidence, curiosity, cooperation and social and emotional skills. 

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FTGP – Interaction Activities


    PAL - Music Module, Body Percussion

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                          ECHA Interview - 2019                                      FTGP - Interaction Activities