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Information Communications Technology


In our commitment to deliver a holistic curriculum, Evergreen Primary School leverage on ICT to enhance teaching and learning. ICT is incorporated into the school curriculum to nurture self-directed and collaborative learners. 

Our vision is to build a community of confident, ethical, self-directed and collaborative learners.

With our continued efforts to meet our Vision, we would like to highlight the key ICT areas which your child/ward will be involved in.

Structured ICT Baseline Training

In Evergreen Primary School, we customised trainings to equip our pupils with the necessary IT skills to achieve the following:

  • Work with texts
  • Put together presentation with multimedia elements
  • Conduct independent search over the internet
  • Interact and work with others in an online community
  • Operate in an interactive media environment

Pupils apply these skills during their ICT enriched lessons planned by the various departments.  Some of the ICT infused lessons include the following:

  • Use of Dataloggers during Science Lessons
  • Podcast
  • Use of Titanpad for collaborative writing
  • Creating Music using Garageband
  • Photography
  • Sand Animation Module

e-Learning Day

Pupils were put through training on the usage of the Learning Management System – McOnline. In order to encourage borderless learning and to prepare pupils for school closure, e-Learning Day is conducted for all Primary 2 to Primary 6 pupils. Pupils complete their assignments and submit to their teacher through the portal. Most pupils find this mode of learning refreshing and interesting.

McOnline address: www.mconline.sg

Cyberwellness Programme

Underpinning all ICT-enhanced programmes are the values of Cyberwellness. In our current digital age, our children need to acquire the skills of discernment when dealing with the internet and media. In Evergreen Primary School, we tapped on platforms such as Assembly programmes, Form Teacher’s Guidance Period, Character and Citizenship Education Lessons, Cyberwellness week and Cyberwellness roadshow to promote discerning and responsible use of the Internet and digital media.


ICT and Pupil Development

In alignment with the Character Development and Pupil Leadership Programme, structured training is conducted for selected IT/AV pupil leaders. These pupils will be taught how to operate the AV equipment in their classrooms so as to assist their teachers in readying their lessons. These pupils also assist their teachers during computer lab lessons to manage the use of equipment and to ensure neatness in the computer lab once the lesson is completed.