Useful Resources for Parents

Providing a holistic Cyber Wellness education requires parents to work closely with the school to ensure that students adopt the right values and attitude when using technology in school and at home. Parent and teacher supervision are essential in ensuring appropriate content and behaviour for our young ones
Below are a list of useful resources to provide you with useful tips on how to manage your children’s digital technology use.  

Understanding Cyber Wellness

Parents can set a good example at home in the use of technology and play an active role in guiding their child to navigate in cyberspace. The article highlights the steps for PARENTing in the digital age to complement the cyber-wellness curriculum in schools. 

Navigating the Cyber World Safely

Parents need to keep pace with the advances in technology as learning becomes possible anywhere, anytime. It is our role to guide and set boundaries for our children in the cyber world, just as we do in the real world. This article shares the three C’s of good media use for children: the Content, the Context, and the Child:

Watching for Signs of Distress in Children

Being familiar with these distress signs will help you identify problems early. If these signs are present in combination, or in more extreme or long-lasting forms, it may be an indication that your child is experiencing significant distress. This article includes pointers on watching out for signs of anxiety and distress and shares how parents can talk about such issues with their children.

Suicide Games and Online Media: What Should Parents Do?

Viral content about self-harm or suicide is worrying and raises important questions about media influence and the power of social media. Parents play a very critical protective role that can minimise the negative effects of such exposure. This article provides tips on how parents can communicate concerns for their children’s well-being and ways to help their children build resilience to overcome challenges without resorting to suicide or maladaptive behaviour.