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Mother Tongue Department


Key Events and Activities

Our Vision

Every student a passionate and confident users of the Mother Tongue Language.

Our Mission

To nurture thinking individuals and passionate users of Mother Tongue Languages.

MTL students are developed in 3 critical areas: 

    • Communication skills in MTL – students possess the attitude and habit in using MTL in their daily communications;
    • Deep understanding and appreciation of one’s own Mother Tongue culture and with cross-cultural awareness;
    • Critical thinking skills to question and innovate

To make MTL a living language we strive to make learning of MT Languages joyful and interesting. Thus, we continuously enhance our teaching strategies to engage our students in learning of the MT Languages. We also provide authentic learning experiences for students to understand and appreciate their culture and have cross-cultural understanding.

Key Events & Activities in 2020

  • P4 MT Camp

  • MT Fortnight Activities

  • Speech & Drama Programme 

  • Reading Programme

  • Celebration of Festivals 

  • Immersion Programmes

  • Local Learning Journeys


Achievements 2019

Chinese Language

1.     The 2nd Text Recital Competition for Primary and Secondary Schools 2019

Malay Language

1.       Pertandingan Sahibba (Malay Scrabble Competition - Zonal level)




Anasofia Binte Mohamad Norfitri

5 Charity

Certificate of Participation

 Nur Azliana Binte Azrin 5 Care Certificate of Participation
Erfa Hanis Binte Muhammad Khairul Fahmi 5 Charity Certificate of Participation
 Muhammad Nur Razzak Muhammad Ridhuan 5 Charity Certificate of Participation

2.         Rakan Bahasa Penterjemah Pintar 2019 (National level)




Erfa Hanis Binte Muhammad Khairul Fahmi

5 Charity

 Certificate of Participation
Muhammad Nur Razzak Muhammad Ridhuan

5 Charity

  Certificate of Participation

Tamil Language

1.      Oratorical Competition organised by Telok Blangah CC




Murugavel Elakkiya

5 Charity

1st prize

2.       Tamil Literary Competitions by Gambas CC Indian Activity Executive Committee




Mathivoli Srilakshmi (Oratorical)

5 Charity

1st prize

Darshana Ganesan (Oratorical)

5 Grace

3rd Prize
 Neha Rizqin Binte Mohammed Nazeer Hussein (Fancy Dress) 1 Faith4th Prize

3.        Muthamizh Vizha 2019




Preeti Raja (Stroytelling Competition)

4 Joy

 1st Prize

Overseas Learning Journey to Hangzhou

china.jpgA group of selected Primary 5 Chinese and Tamil Language pupils went on an overseas immersion programme to Hangzhou in June. The main objective of this learning journey was to increase pupils' knowledge and sensitivity to cultures that are different from their own.  During this trip, pupils had the opportunity to visit Ren Min Primary School and many historic places in Hangzhou. Throughout the trip, they have experienced learning in a different context and made new friends in Ren Min Primary School. The pupils have also enjoyed learning about the rich history and culture of Hangzhou.   



1. Hangzhou 4.png1. Hangzhou 3.png

1. Hangzhou 7.png

1. Hangzhou 6.png

Overseas Learning Journey to Sarawak

2. Sarawak 1.jpg

A group of selected Primary 5 Malay and Chinese Language students went on an overseas immersion programme to Kuching, Sarawak in June. The main objective of this immersion programme was to create awareness and increase the students' knowledge and sensitivity to the arts, language and cultures of their counterparts in Kuching, Sarawak.  During this trip, students had the opportunity to visit SK St Mary (Primary) School and many historic places in Kuching, Sarawak such as the ‘Rumah Panjang’. Throughout the trip, they have experienced learning in a different context and made new friends with the students from SK St Mary (Primary) School. The students also enjoyed learning about the rich history and culture of the people in Kuching, Sarawak.   

2. Sarawak 2.jpg2. Sarawak 3.jpg


2. Sarawak 4.jpg

2. Sarawak 5.jpg


Pongal Celebration @ Evergreen Primary School


The primary 2 and primary 4 students learning the Tamil Language had a chance to experience Pongal Celebration in school. Pongal is the harvest festival celebrated by Hindus to thank nature. To provide students with an authentic learning experience, parent volunteers together with Tamil Language teachers decorated a part of the school and cooked the “pongal rice”.  Teachers explained the rationale behind pongal celebration and the process.  To promote cultural exchange, students from one of the P2 Chinese class were invited to be part of the celebration. Students not only enjoyed the viewing the process of pongal celebration but also got to taste the ‘pongal’ rice..


 5. Pongal Exhibition 3.jpg5. Pongal Exhibition 2.png

5. Pongal Exhibition 4.png5. Pongal Exhibition 5.jpg

5. Pongal Exhibition 6.jpg5. Pongal Exhibition 7.jpg

Chinese New Year Celebration

6. CNY Celebration 2.png

Evergreen primary school celebrated CNY with exciting hall performances and subsequent classroom activities on the eve of Chinese New Year, 24 January. Our pupils were excited by the presence of the lion dance and mascot. Everyone had a great time enjoying the concert and the classroom activities. For the classroom activities, the lower primary students had a good time colouring the picture of the Rat which is the zodiac of the year. The middle primary students had fun creating their own bookmarks. The upper primary students learned how to make chinese lanterns. Through the above fun activities, the students learned & appreciated the Chinese traditions as they celebrated this special day with their schoolmates.

6. CNY Celebration 1.png

6. CNY Celebration 3.jpg6. CNY Celebration 4.png

Hari Raya Aidilfitri (Eid Mubarak)

In times of COVID-19 pandemic, the Malay Department brought the Hari Raya celebration online. An initiative to celebrate Hari Raya responsibly. Entitled, Circuit Breaker Raya Online 2020 (C.B.R.O. 2020), efforts were made by staff and students of EGPS to adapt to the new norms. Students and staff show resilience during this pandemic period and still are able to celebrate the joyous occasion meaningfully. While the Muslim staff and students navigate through a different kind of celebration this year, it is one that is full of meaning, that strengthen family bonds and stay connected in the comfort of their own homes.

7. Hari Raya Aidilfitri 1.png7. Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2.png

7. Hari Raya Aidilfitri 3.png7. Hari Raya Aidilfitri 4.png

Watch Online video done to celebrate Hari Raya 

7. Hari Raya Aidilfitri 5.png

7. Hari Raya Aidilfitri 6.png

7. Hari Raya Aidilfitri 7.png7. Hari Raya Aidilfitri 8.png

Watch Full video for the #dontrushchallenge done by the Staff of EGPS

7. Hari Raya Aidilfitri 10.jpg

  7. Hari Raya Aidilfitri 9.jpg7. Hari Raya Aidilfitri 11.jpg


Watch Staff of EGPS singing Medley Hari Raya Songs on Smule App       


EGPS came together as one to celebrate Deepavali. Our students were treated to a concert featuring our Indian Dance CCA members and also took part in an interactive segment where they tried their hands at grooving to a catchy ‘Bhangra’ music. Selected students also took part in a quiz which was designed to address some common misconceptions about Deepavali, after watching a video based on the same theme.

8. Deepavali 1.jpg

8. Deepavali 2.jpg8. Deepavali 3.jpg


8. Deepavali 4.jpg8. Deepavali 5.jpg

MTL Fortnight 

Target group: All P1 to P6 pupils


Timeframe: 7 July to 17 July 2020



  • To create an environment that encourages students to use MTL.

  • To provide a platform for students to appreciate and understand the richness of the 3 Mother Tongues Languages and its culture.

  • To create cross-cultural awareness.


21st CC:

  • Communication, collaboration and information skill

  • Cross cultural skills


SEL Competencies:

  • Social awareness

  • Self management


The MT department had put up some interesting and engaging booths pertaining to the 3 main cultures unique to Singapore in the month of July for T.G.I.F. Activities such as painting of ‘vilakku’ (oil lamp), making of ‘Bungga Mangar’ and designing of Chinese Opera masks served as a gateway for our students to learn more about each culture’s distinctive attributes in a fun and meaningful way. 

3. MTL Fortnight TGIF 1.jpg

3. MTL Fortnight TGIF 2.jpg

3. MTL Fortnight TGIF 3.jpg

MT Camp

The Mother Tongue Department organised a Mother Tongue Language & Cultural Camp for all Primary 4 students. The aim of this camp is to  provide a platform for students to appreciate and understand the richness of the 3 Mother Tongues Languages and its culture. At the end of the camp students came together as a level to share their knowledge which promoted cross cultural learning.

4. MT Camp 1.jpg

4. MT Camp 2.jpg

4. MT Camp 3.jpg