Tamil Language

Objectives and Programmes

1. To achieve academic excellence

  • Banding of P3 to P6 students for Tamil Language Lessons.
  • Structured strengthen and Mother Tongue Support Programme (MTSP) for students of various needs.

  • Structured and customised programmes to stretch the potential of the higher progress students.

  • Reading Programme.

  • Customised (Differentiated) worksheets/learning package that cater to student’s areas of concerns/focus.

  •   In-house enrichment courses (Creative Writing and e-Oral Workshop).

  • Learning Journeys for students (Local).

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2. To arouse student’s interest in the languages through active participation in department activities

  • Inter/Intra School Competitions (Aesthetic based and Language based competitions)

  • Deepavali Celebrations

  • Mother Tongue Fortnight (Tamil Language Fiesta)

  • P4 Mother Tongue Cultural Camp

  • Tamil Amutham

  • P5 Overseas Immersion Programme to Hangzhou/Sarawak

P4 Cultural Camp

The P4 pupils were exposed to various activities related to the Tamil language and culture during the half day camp which was conducted during the first week of the June holidays.P4 Tamil students took part in activity such as Kabadi, Uri Adithal Games, Warli Art on canvas &  Villuppaattu.

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Language Fiesta

In Term 3 each year, the Tamil Department conducts various fun-filled activities to encourage the active use of the Tamil Language. Pupils are given the opportunity to learn more about the Tamil language and culture. Activities such as designing Kolam, Show & Tell, Dialogue Creation, Innovation & Enterprise and Character Portrayal were carried out in 2019. The activities gave opportunities for pupils to improve on their spoken Tamil and Language skills. The finalist for each competition will then compete in Tamil Amutham for the top 5 Places.

Tamil Amutham

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To nurture students who are passionate and confident users of Tamil Language, the teachers from EGPS Tamil Department organized a competition so that our budding Tamil students can showcase their talents. Students were also able to take initiatives to influence their peers to love the Tamil Language and make it a living language among themselves. 

Every Tamil student participated in the preliminary rounds of competition in various formats such as singing, story-telling, role playing of famous personalities and sharing of their personal recollections. The top 30 performers across all six levels were chosen to put up their items in the final round, where prizes were awarded. Parents of our Tamil students also graced this occasion to lend their support for our student performers!

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2020 Tamil Department Activities by Level



P1 to P6

Mother Tongue Fortnight, Tamil Language Fiesta


Conversational Chinese/Malay Programme

Selected P4

Advanced Conversational Chinese/Malay Programme


Pongal Learning Journey


Mother Tongue Cultural Camp


Cross Cultural Learning Journey to Chinese/Malay Heritage Centre

Selected P5

Overseas Immersion Programme to Hangzhou/Sarawak


E-Oral Workshop