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Physical and Health Education Department


Key Events and Activities

X Games 2018

Our inaugural X Games 2018 was held on 29 March 2018 from 0730 to 1230. It was organised for the Primary 3 to 6 students and held at Evergreen Primary School. During the event, students were required to complete a total of 15 challenges as a class at 9 different locations in the school. Top 3 classes for each level were given a plaque for completing the challenges in the fastest time possible. 

Through these challenges, students were given opportunities to not only participate actively in all the challenges, but also work collaboratively as a class to complete them. Students have to learn to negotiate and communicate their ideas actively and solve the problems as they are presented. 

With the focus on the Olympic values; Respect, Friendship and Excellence, they will be able to strengthen their bond and camaraderie at the end of each challenge.

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X Games 2018 Closing Ceremony.JPG

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School Programme for Active Recess (SPAR)

SPAR has been a key department programme since 2012. In this programme, students are given opportunities to be actively engaged during their recess through the equipment that are provided and set up for them daily at the parade square. Badminton nets, basketball posts and table tennis tables are set up for them to play freely with their peers. Meanwhile, the football field is opened for them to play football or simply to have the space to run around.

Through this programme, students are given not only the opportunities but also choices to be on how they want to be physically active during recess according to their interest


During TGIF PE, P1 to 6 students were given opportunities to play a wide array of games according to the themes such as Arcade Games, Traditional Games, Modified Games and International Games. As such, students were given many choices to play in games that are of their interest. At the same time, they were able to strengthen their bond with their peers.

P3 Swimsafer 2.0

The enhanced programme will provide students with a more rigorous water survival skills and swimming competency programme. Students are also required to complete an online quiz on water safety knowledge for students consolidate their learning. 

This year, the Primary 3 students will undergo this programme in Term 3 during their MMP periods every Wednesday morning at Singapore Sports School.



P5 Camp 2019

Our P5 will be held at Dairy Farm Outdoor Adventure Learning Centre from 17 to 19 January 2019. Through the camp, the school would like the students to develop their courage and resilience and also develop their leadership and problem solving skills. Besides experiencing learning in the outdoors, students will also be given many opportunities for positive peer interactions and at the same time promote teamwork. 

Sporty National Education Telematch (SNET)

SNET is an event organised for the Primary 1 and 2 students on 8 August yearly. Besides providing a platform for the students to showcase the skills learnt during their PE lessons, it is also aimed to provide a positive experience of competitive play for the students. Parents are welcomed to not only witness this event but also invited to participate in the exciting Parent-Child race.