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Student Development Team



In Evergreen Primary, we believe that every child is a leader. The Student Leadership Committee work with the teachers to create a positive learning environment to develop our students holistically. 

The school has put in place a structured leadership development programme to develop the leadership qualities of
the students through the different tiers of leadership. They are given opportunities to develop 21st Core
Competencies (21CC) and Social-Emotional competencies. 

In Evergreen Primary, we believe that every child has the potential to be developed as a leader. Every student possess his/her unique blend of abilities, inclinations and talents. Every student can make positive difference in his/her own right within his/her sphere of influence, and thereby a leader. By helping them to discover their strengths to take charge of their lives, students discover their unique value as leaders.


Every student is a leader.


To develop leaders who are values-driven and others-centric.


Outcomes of EGPS Student Leadership Programme

To inculcate in our leaders the following:

21st CC Competencies

Outcomes of Programmes

Behaviour Indicators/Desired Qualities

Confident Person

·      To have confidence to model the way

·      Be a role model through daily actions that demonstrates school values

·      Follow through on the commitments made

Self-directed Leader

·      To lead others by inspiring a shared vision

·      Communicate shared goals clearly to inspire others to follow

·      Positive and creative in coming up with new ideas

Concerned Leader

·      To foster collaboration that enables others to act

·      Promote cooperative goals and build trust and confidence in others

·      Empower others and help each other grow

·      To have the courage to challenge the process

·      Seek innovative ways to change, grow and improve

·      Show resilience by taking on challenges and learning from mistakes

Active Contributor

·      To have the passion to encourage the heart

·      Show recognition and appreciation towards for individual excellence

·      Show compassion for others by caring for the needs of the school and community

*Kouzes and Posner’s (2005) Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership 

4 Stage Student Leadership Development Cycle


EGPS Leadership Structure

·         Based on level of influence and impact 
·         Every student is given the opportunity to be developed as a leader at least per semester