TGIF 2019

That's Great It's Friday

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That’s Great! It’s Friday! ( TGIF) is an initiative by the school since 2018 to provide a platform for the students to have an hour of protected playtime.  Besides the unstructured playtime given to them, students are able to use it to cultivate the school values and work towards the school vision- a vibrant school which inspires passion in learning and purposeful living.

Purposes of TGIF:
-  To provide opportunities for students to make choices of their own unstructured play
-  To develop and strengthen their social skills through interaction with their friends during play.
-  To allow ample time for students to exercise SEL competencies through unstructured play. 
-  To provide a platform for students to have that dare and inquisitiveness in exploring new games 
    and  sports activities.

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TGIF is conducted on *Fridays and the timeslots are shown in the table below:

Primary 1, 2, and 38.30 - 9.30 a.m.
Primary 4, 5 and 69.30 - 10.30 a.m.

* This applies to available Fridays in the school calendar that are not affected by school holidays and any events in which students are not available to participate e.g school sports day or examinations.

Photographs from TGIF

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