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English Language Department

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English Language Department

Our Vision

Every student a confident and competent user of the English Language.

Our Beliefs:

We believe in building a strong foundation in students’ language skills and providing rich language for all. We believe that language is acquired through reading and frequent use.

Research on language learner reading shows how extensive reading feeds into improvements in all areas of language competence (Krashen 2004). As such, we have an array of programmes to promote reading. Opportunities are provided for students to read good books, listen to stories and voice their opinions.

Language is also a tool for communication. The importance of speaking skills, hence is enormous for the learners of any language. It is important to speak correctly and effectively in-order to communicate well with one another. We have provided various platforms to allow our students to use language confidently through public performances, language games and activities.

We hope to develop our students so that they can be confident and competent users of the English Language. 


The English Language Department has adopted a two-pronged of building a strong foundation and providing rich language, focusing on reading and speaking.   Our reading and spoken English programmes are planned to enable our students to build their repertoire of vocabulary and grammar skills and use them in writing and oral presentations.

Key Events and Activities

Extensive Reading:

To promote reading, we have daily silent reading of storybooks in the morning, Storytelling Sessions Human Library session and Dress as Your Favourite Character Day! (where teachers and students dressed as characters from storybooks). We have also successfully launched the opening of the new library. The new library is more vibrant and provides a conducive environment to excite, enthuse and encourage students to read.

Storytelling Sessions

Storytelling Sessions were organised during the respective recesses. The aim of this session is to promote love for reading and to encourage students to explore books of different genres. 


Human Library Approach

This activity was built around the concept of breaking down barriers between people through frank conversation. Instead of borrowing books, students showed up at the library to "borrow" teachers and ask them anything in 15-minute "reading" sessions. 


Dress as Your Favourite Character Day!

As part of our initiative to promote and engage students’ interest in reading, the department organised the ‘Dress as Your Favourite Character Day’ for Primary 1 & Primary 2 students on 23rd March. On this special day, the students and teachers were encouraged to come to school dressed as a favourite character from any book.


Speaking Programmes:

To develop students’ confidence and competency in the spoken language, we have a 6-year matrix where students undergo an English Language Arts Programme.
We have:
Poetry Recitation & Choral Reading in Primary 1 (Term 3)
Readers’ Theatre in Primary 2 (Term 2-3)
Drama in Primary 3 (Term 1)
Musical in Primary 4 (Term 2) 
Public Speaking in Primary 5 (Term 2/3)


Primary 3 Drama

P4 Musical.jpg

Primary 4 Musical

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Primary 5 Public Speaking