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Mathematics Department

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Key Programmes and Activities

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This MOE-initiated project aims to help students build strong foundation in primary Maths through a structured teaching sequence and supporting manipulatives and materials based on the concrete-pictorial-abstract approach. Teachers are trained to make use of the Teaching and Learning Guide and resources to better engage pupils in learning Mathematics in the school. 

P1 and P3 ICAN Project

ICAN (Improving Confidence and Achievement In Numeracy). The aim of this project is to support low progress learners in learning Mathematics.  Through early and timely intervention, teachers can help improve these pupils’ confidence and achievement in Mathematics.  

P3 and P4 LTTA @ Math

Learning Through The Arts (LTTA) is used as a pedagogical tool to engage pupils in learning mathematical concepts.  Drama, Visual Arts are incorporated into the teaching of certain topics to arouse and sustain interests.

P1 and P2 Enhanced LSM

The Enhanced Learning Support for Mathematics (LSM) is a MOE initiated programme to support P1 and P2 pupils lacking foundation skills in Math. It aims to enable them to achieve the learning outcomes specified in the P1 National Mathematics Curriculum. 

Performance Based Assessment 

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Math Trail

Pupils are exposed to various learning experiences during mathematics lessons. Math Trails are conducted to allow pupils to explore Mathematics outside classroom contexts.

Math Practical
Our P1 and P2 pupils are given opportunities to apply Mathematics concepts and skills learnt in practical situations. 

P1 to P4 Math Week

P1 to P3 Math Week (4).JPGMath Week will be organised for P1 to P4 pupils in Term 3. The main objectives of the event are: 

To inculcate interest in learning Math through fun and play.

  1. To provide opportunities for pupils to learn Math outside of classroom context and to relate Math concepts to real world.
  2. To provide platforms for the Math Leaders to display their leadership abilities.
  3. To provide opportunities for the Math Leaders to hone their leadership skills.

 The Math Week will be extended to the P4 pupils from 2014 onwards.

P5 and P6 Math Fair

The Math Fair is organized for P5 and P6 pupils.  The main objectives of the event are:

  1. To allow pupils to relate Mathematics to real life experiences
  2. To inculcate interest in learning mathematics through fun and play
  3. To showcase pupils’ creativity through the games created by pupils for the Fair

P3 to P6 Olympiad Training

The Math Olympiad Training is organized for P3 to P6 High Achieving pupils in Mathematics.  Through the workshops conducted by external vendor, we want to stretch pupils’ potentials further by exposing them to higher order thinking, non-routine mathematics problems.