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Mother Tongue Department


Key Events and Activities

Our Vision

Passionate and Confident users of the Mother Tongue Languages.

Our Mission

To nurture thinking individuals and passionate users of Mother Tongue Languages.

MTL students are developed in 3 critical areas: 

    • Communication skills in MTL – students possess the attitude and habit in using MTL in their daily communications;
    • Deep understanding and appreciation of one’s own Mother Tongue culture and with Cross-cultural awareness;
    • Critical thinking skills to question and innovate

To make MTL a living language we strive to make learning of MT Languages joyful and interesting. Thus, we continuously enhance our teaching strategies to engage our students in learning of the MT Languages. We also provide authentic learning experiences for students to understand and appreciate their culture and have cross-cultural understanding.

Some of the activities and programmes which students get to experience are:

P4 MT Camp
MT Fortnight Activities
School Immersion Programme to Hangzhou, China
Speech & Drama Programme
Reading Programme
ICT Based Programme
Celebration of Festivals


Chinese Language

1st Singapore Primary and Secondary School Text Recital Competition




Tan Hao

2 Care

Bronze Award

Zhang Chenxi

2 Joy

Tang Jiawei

3 Care

Li Yunhao

4 Care

Ines Kim Yuan Xin

5 Care

Tamil Language

1.       Tamil MoZhi Vizha- Woodlands CC (Character portrayal Competition)




Kamarajan Shrutika

1 Faith

3rd prize

2.         Vaaga Tamilil Pesalam




Ravi Adwaith  Palaniappan

6 Charity

3rd prize

Rajeshkanna  Thanu Harini

6 Care

Overseas Learning Journey to Hangzhou

china.jpgA group of selected Primary 5 Chinese and Tamil Language pupils went on an overseas immersion programme to Hangzhou in June. The main objective of this learning journey was to increase pupils' knowledge and sensitivity to cultures that are different from their own.  During this trip, pupils had the opportunity to visit Ren Min Primary School and many historic places in Hangzhou. Throughout the trip, they have experienced learning in a different context and made new friends in Ren Min Primary School. The pupils have also enjoyed learning about the rich history and culture of Hangzhou.   




Pongal Celebration @ Evergreen Primary School


The primary 2 and primary 4 students learning the Tamil Language had a chance to experience Pongal Celebration in school. Pongal is the harvest festival celebrated by Hindus to thank nature. To provide students with an authentic learning experience, parent volunteers together with Tamil Language teachers decorated a part of the school and cooked the “pongal rice”.  Teachers explained the rationale behind pongal celebration and the process.  To promote cultural exchange, students from one of the P2 Chinese class were invited to be part of the celebration. Students not only enjoyed the viewing the process of pongal celebration but also got to taste the ‘pongal’ rice..