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Chinese Language

Objectives and Programmes

1. To achieve academic excellence

  • Banding of P2 to P6 pupils for Chinese Language lessons
  • Customised worksheets that cater to pupils’ areas of concerns/focus
  • Structured and customised remedial programme for weaker ability pupils
  • Enrichment courses
  • Design IT based and LIP lessons for all pupils
  • Publication of pupils’ work
  • SEED CL programme for Primary 1 and Primary 2 pupils
  • Learning journeys for pupils

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  • Design and use effective instructional materials for teaching of CL

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2. To arouse pupils' interest in the language through their active participation in department activities 


  • CL Noticeboard Language Quizzes 
  • Inter/Intra School Competitions 
  • Chinese New Year Celebrations 
  • Mother Tongue Week 

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       •    One Day Mother Tongue Camp for Primary 4 

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3. To encourage pupils to read beyond their textbooks and improve on their reading and oral skills 

  • Class library books activities
  • Tang Poem recitation programme
  • Subscription to Chinese children magazines
  • Buddy Reading programme for the weaker ability readers
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